Lawyer for small and medium businesses

  • Unique Needs

Me Renaud Laliberté (hereafter “I”) understands that the needs of the small and medium companies are unique. That is why I make it my business to give the SMBs the best value available in the market for legal services so they can enjoy the benefits of a full in-house legal team. Among these are legal services that are instrumental to their business operations. These services include either directly providing counsel or managing competent and reasonably priced outside counsels to handle matters such as consultation, employees agreements and benefits, verification of distribution or sales contracts, formulation of privacy policy, bookkeeping/minute book, and handling disputes regarding trademarks infringement or any other form of commercial litigation. If you give me the opportunity, I’ll offer your business a turn-key solution finally making your legal department autonomous and worry-free.

  • Acting General Counsel or Acting In-House Counsel

Not every company has the opportunity to have a large corporate legal department. Many small and medium-sized businesses don’t have the need or the capacity for a dedicated legal team. In this situation, I can act as the company’s General Counsel. I provide legal counsel when needed, advise on business decisions, review agreements, and provide any other services necessary without the costs associated with a full-time position. This gives these companies flexibility and excellent value while allowing them to take advantage of an experience full in-house legal.

Years of working with Fortune 1000 companies has primed me to not only to understand and value the importance of legal counsel in corporate decision-making, but also recognize standard processes and procedures that are in place. This is especially valuable information to SMBs looking to enter into an agreement with a large company. Our in-depth knowledge of their workings and the specific and necessary legal requirements allows our clients to accelerate the sales cycle tremendously for those looking to sell a product or service.

  • Flexible and Transparent

Due to my extensive experience in in-house legal counseling, acting General Counsel and acting In-House Counsel through my firm, I offer a tailored solution to every company’s legal department management needs, whether that means offering managerial capabilities, consultant advice or acting as subject matter expert, or else replacing it all together.

Since my relationships with my clients are of the utmost importance, I offer an online client dashboard which gives the CEO and CFO of the company an overview of the real-time status of legal cases in progress along the incurred cost for each matter. This allows for complete transparency in our actions and our clients feel informed and in control of all legal aspects of their company.

For more information on my firm and how I can assist your business, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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